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Coffee, as it should be; plus some additional snack pastries, sandwiches, and cold drinks. 

The product offering doesn’t end there. Coffee Architecture is passionate, not just about the Art of Coffee, but the Art in its purest form. 

As part of the space, we use artwork from local artists as part of our decor, and these same pieces  will also be available to buy. These artists will be based the UAE, with a focus on some areas of the country where they may not receive the same level of exposure or come from diversified backgrounds where opportunity is limited. 

✨_There’s nothing better than good coffe


When you think Coffee Architecture, you think a space built on passion and minimalism.


When Nooran Al Bannay, the owner, coffee connoisseur and brains behind Coffee Architecture, was creating this brand, she had the vision to see people from all walks of life feel welcome to visit her space; but with only one condition - they had to love coffee. And if they didn’t, then she would do her best to change their minds! This space will attract the cafe critics, coffee lovers, and those looking for a space to relax for an hour and enjoy the art of the everyday bean. 

✨_A delicious creamy foam with a shot of

Love        Care         Joy




Passion, Energy and the love of life’s most important bean…coffee. 

Abu Dhabi is the cosmopolitan capital of the UAE, and the market is calling for a more diversified, individual and varied food and beverage offering.

Coffee Architecture offers the expertise of a local and accredited coffee connoisseur while providing a space designed around minimalism, passion,  art and love.

Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art. 

Coffee Architecture is no different; derived from the cultural elements of design and creating a work of art out of our everyday drink.

Using four of the key architectural foundations - Detailing, Experience, Minimalism, and Light - Coffee Architecture builds its brand around these pillars, and delivers an exceptional experience to the world, with Care, Joy, and most importantly, Love. This Love is not only for the coffee but for the service provided to those who love to drink it. 

Light and Shadow

How wonderful to simply have a great cup of coffee and be surrounded by Love, Care and Joy.


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